SWTOR Tanking Classes – Star Wars The Old Republic Tanks

In this list of SWTOR tanking classes, we will be going over all the different options for tanks in Star Wars The Old Republic. Out of all the MMORPGs I have played, no other game has as many different types of tanks as Star Wars The Old Republic has. There are actually six different tanking classes in the game, depending on talent specializations.

SWTOR Tank Classes – The Galactic Republic

There are three different tanks available for the Galactic Republic in SWTOR:

Guardian: The Guardian is one of the advanced classes of the Jedi Knight. The Guardian looks to be the most standard MMORPG tank. Its aptly named “Defense” talent tree gives it the talents needed to be a great tank.

Shadow: The Jedi Shadow is an advanced branch of the Jedi Consular class. This class is the most unusual of the Galactic Republic tanks since the Jedi Consular itself starts as a caster and melee hybrid.

Vanguard: The Vanguard is an advanced specialization of the Trooper class. Its Shield Specialist talent tree gives it the abilities it needs to become a tank. Since it has a Trooper background, this tank will likely excel at ranged enemies.

The Sith Empire Tanking Classes

The Sith Empire also has three tanking classes available to it. While these classes are different, they are fundamentally the same. The Trooper mirrors the Bounty Hunter, the Jedi Knight mirrors the Sith Warrior, and the Jedi Consular mirrors the Sith Inquisitor.

Juggernaut: An answer to the Guardian of the Republic, the Juggernaut is a standard melee tank of the Sith Empire. Its Immortal talent tree contains defensive and HP-boosting talents that allow to be a great tank.

Powertech: The Powertech is an advanced class stemming from the Bounty Hunter class. Its Shield Tech tree allows it to tank. It looks like this class may excel at AoE tanking thanks to its Flamethrower which hits multiple enemies.

Assassin: The Assassin is an advanced class of the Sith Inquisitor. Its Darkness talent tree is geared for tanking purposes. Unlike the other tanks, this tank seems to have a decent amount of self-healing abilities in the form of drain attacks. This gives it the potential to double as a great solo class.

SWTOR Tanking Classes Conclusion

As you can see, there are a lot of tanking classes available in Star Wars The Old Republic. The only two starter classes which cannot become a tank are the Galactic Republic’s Smuggler and the Sith Empire’s Imperial Agent. As long as you do not select either of those two classes, you can ultimately become a tanking class.

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