SWTOR T7-01 Companion Guide

Welcome to my SWTOR T7-01 Companion Guide where I will tell you everything you need to know about the adorable little Astromech Droid.

The Jedi Knight has two different advanced specializations which can become two very different classes: the Guardian and the Sentinel. The Guardian can become both a Tank and a DPS class, though the Tank is definitely the major role of the Guardian class, but the class is playable as a DPS.

This Jedi Knight uses a single Lightsaber and focuses on defensive abilities so it can handle taking a lot of damage from its opponents. The Sentinel is the top melee DPS class of the Republic and wields two Lightsabers in order maximize its damage output. The Sentinel and it’s Sith counterpart the Marauder are two of the most popular classes in SWTOR among players of all backgrounds.

T7-01 will be your first Companion as a Jedi Knight and can be found at the end of the starter planet of Tython at approximately level 8. A quirky and surprisingly stubborn Astromech droid with a lively personality and strong independent streak, T7-01 serves the Jedi by bravely facing danger on a daily basis.

Skilled in high-resolution sensor scans, mechanical repair and starship piloting (along with numerous undocumented talents), the droid’s hard work is responsible for saving dozens, if not hundreds, of lives on Tython alone.

Sex: N/A
Race: Astromech Droid
Recruited: Tython
Level of recruitment: Approximately level 8

T7-01 specializes in being a ranged Tank, so for those who specialize in tanking, this may be an awkward companionship. He would be most useful to those who favor a DPS path. Due to his role he prefers use of a Blaster Pistol and a Shield Generator. For those who choose to be a Tank, you may prefer to use a healer like Doc, or a DPS Companion such as Kira Carson.

T7-01 will appreciate your conversation options if you choose ones valuing his opinions. He prefers those consisting of: Jedi, morally correct actions, defeating the empire but he will disapprove of conversation options involving: bullying, killing innocents, disrespecting authority.

Personality: Light
Role: Ranged Tank
Likes: Jedi, morally correct actions, defeating the empire
Dislikes: Bullying, killing innocents, disrespecting authority
Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol or Blaster Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator

Whilst you progress further into SWTOR, you will start to notice Companion items will be offered as quest rewards. These will either be weapons or armor intended specifically for T7-01. You will know which these are as they will contain his name in the title. As T7-01 is a droid, his armor consists of droid parts such as new gears.

If you’d prefer, you may purchase new armor from a Heavy Armor Vendor who will sell these parts. You can either spend planetary Commendations on modifiable weapons and armor for him, though I wouldn’t recommend this, as the Commendations you find along the way will prove more useful for your Character.

This SWTOR T7-01 Companion Guide is not only intended to give you information on how he performs in combat, but also to inform you of other aspects such as Crew Skill proficiency. When it comes to crew skill missions, T7-01 has certain missions he is better at. If used correctly, he can gain you additional bonuses. He will gain you +10 Bioanalysis efficiency, and +2 Slicing Critical.

Armor Proficiency: Heavy
Primary Stat: Aim
Secondary Stat: Endurance
Crew Skill Proficiency: +10 Bioanalysis efficiency, +2 Slicing Critical
Romance-able: No
Favorite Gifts: Cultural artifacts, Republic memorabilia, technology, military gear, weapons
T7-01 cannot be romanced as he is a droid. However, don’t let this put you off gaining his affection, as doing so will earn you bonuses including a higher “Presence” attribute for your character, interesting stories and Companion quests, and improved results in crew skill missions.

If you play as a Dark side character or perhaps just find it hard to gain T7-01’s affection, you can alternatively buy him his favorite gifts. This requires a certain level of knowledge however, as giving him the wrong types of gifts will result in no affection gained and credits wasted.

You can gain Companion gifts from a Companion Gift Vendor, or through completing crew skill missions such as Underworld Trading and Investigation. You can find this vendor on the Republic Fleet, and T7-01’s favorite gifts are: Cultural artifacts, Republic memorabilia, technology, military gear, and weapons.

Weapon: like
Military Gear: like
Courting: indifferent
Luxury: indifferent
Technology: love
Republic Memorabilia: favorite
Imperial Memorabilia: indifferent
Cultural Artifact: favorite
Trophy: indifferent
Underworld Good: indifferent

I hope you found my SWTOR T7-01 Companion Guide useful. Please feel free to visit my SWTOR Jedi Knight Companions guide for more information on other Jedi knight companions. For the best builds and strategies for the Jedi Knight and other classes, check out Aeon Guide:

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