SWTOR Scorpio Companion Guide

Here is my SWTOR Scorpio Companion Guide. I will tell you everything you will ever need to know, from which gifts will gain the most affection with Scorpio, to how she is in combat.

The Imperial Agent’s main role in SWTOR is to eliminate any threats to the empire stealthily and swiftly. The agent will avoid attention, hiding in the shadows and making good use of sneaking. In a perfect world the enemy will not realize the Agent’s true purpose until it is too late.

With the ability to charm and elude their way through any situation, they may have to recognize and neutralize double—maybe even triple-agents, not to mention balance the dangers of working with the Sith.

Scorpio is a droid, who has no gender, though she identifies as female. She is an ancient defense droid created to protect a vault within the Belsavis prison compound.

Scorpio will be the fifth and final Companion for the Imperial Agent, and you can find her at around level 45, depending on how fast you complete your class quests on Belsavis, and specializes in being a melee Tank.

Sex: Identifies female
Race: Droid
Recruited: Belsavis
Level of recruitment: Approximately level 45

Scorpio’s primary programming is to learn and adapt with time and experience so she can continue to defend the vault for hundreds of years without needing updates. After being defeated by the Imperial Agent, she is captured through the use of a restraining program.

Although she plans on adapting to the restraints, and regaining her freedom, she agrees to work with the Imperial Agent to fulfill her primary programming.

Scorpio has a dark personality, and prefers conversation options involving: learning and gaining new tech, selfishness, and killing threats, but dislikes those that consist of: self-sacrifice, duty, and wastefulness. As she is a melee Tank, Scorpio benefits from using an Electrostaff and Shield Generator off-hand.

Personality: Dark
Role: Melee Tank
Likes: Learning and gaining new tech, selfishness, killing threats
Dislikes: Self-sacrifice, duty, wastefulness
Primary Weapon: Electrostaff
Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator

As you progress through the story of SWTOR, you may notice that upon completing quests you are rewarded with Companion items. These can range from new armor to new weapons.

You will know when you get something for Scorpio, as all droid can only use parts rather than armor, not to mention that the item will contain your Companion’s name.

If you would rather kit Scorpio out with modifiable and more unique gear, you could instead consider visiting a planet’s Commendations vendor or a Heavy armor vendor. These can be found on most planets.

This SWTOR Scorpio Companion Guide is not only designed to tell you which gear and weapons to use, but also to share her information on gifts and crew skills.

If you choose to use Scorpio for your crew skill assignments, she is proficient in Bioanalysis and Diplomacy, gaining a bonus of +5 Bioanalysis, and +5 Diplomacy Critical.

Primary Stat: Aim
Secondary Stat: Endurance
Crew Skill Proficiency: +5 Bioanalysis, and +5 Diplomacy Critical.
Romance-able: No
Armor Proficiency: Heavy

Scorpio is unfortunately not romance-able as she is a droid. However, you may wish to consider gaining affection with her, as if you decide to use her in combat, this will increase your character’s “Presence” attribute, meaning she will be more effective in battle.

The best way to gain affection is to take advantage of the ability to buy your love by giving your Companions lavish gifts. You must, however, make sure to give Scorpio the correct gifts, or else it will result in lost money, and no affection gained.

You can purchase Companion gifts from a Companion Gift Vendor found on the Imperial Fleet. Her favorite types of gift are: cultural artifacts, military gear, trophies, weapons and technology.

Weapon: favorite
Military Gear: like
Courting: indifferent
Luxury: indifferent
Technology: love
Republic Memorabilia: indifferent
Imperial Memorabilia: indifferent
Cultural Artifact: like
Trophy: like
Underworld Good: indifferent

As promised, that was my SWTOR Scorpio Companion Guide on how to gain her affection, use her effectively in crew skills, and kit her out properly for combat.

I hope you found it useful, and if you require more information on other Companions available to the Imperial Agent, you should check out my SWTOR Imperial Agent companion guide. I have also created guides for the other Classes in SWTOR, so feel free to browse them.

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