SWTOR Mako Companion Guide

Welcome to my SWTOR Mako Companion guide. Come and learn the secrets behind the beautiful little cyborg orphan from Nar Shaddaa who is “not just the pretty sidekick”.

When you get to level 10, you can choose your class specialization. While this doesn’t affect your story, it does affect your role, and you can decide if you want to be a DPS/Healing Mercenary or a Tanking/DPS Powertech.

Depending on what you choose, will determine which type of companion will best suit you. As I play as a Powertech and I Tank, I personally best enjoy the company of Mako for her healing abilities. Below is her definitive personal guide on how to best please her, and what to equip her with to make the most of her. Playing with Mako on your team will ensure you stay in optimum health, and she will also deal some damage on the side.

Mako, although orphaned, was taken under the wing of Braden, who she saw as a second father. He too a Bounty Hunter, who you initially worked for. Upon Braden’s death, Mako joins your crew promising revenge. When she worked for Braden she was assisting him by providing Intel on their targets. She will become your first companion at the end of Hutta, at about level 8.

Sex: Female
Race: Cyborg
Recruited: Hutta
Level of recruitment: Approximately level 9

Personally, though I love playing using Mako as a companion, I do find her personality annoying, as I’m trying to play as a dark side character and she seems to object to most of the options I choose. She prefers conversations that consist of: professionalism, bounty hunters, making money, freedom, and kindness. Think of her as a Mercenary with a conscience. Alternatively, she will object to conversations deriving of: bullying, cruelty and snobs.

As she specializes in healing with the ability to DPS, she benefits from using a Blaster Pistol and a Vibroknife. Favoring healing moves and stances, Mako will make sure nothing happens to you whilst in battle, by making sure you stay healthy and shooting your foes when she gets a chance.

Personality: Light
Role: Healer
Likes: Professionalism, bounty hunters, making money, freedom, kindness
Dislikes: Bullying, cruelty, snobs
Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol
Secondary Weapon: Vibroknife

Mako has an armor proficiency of Medium. You will discover that when completing quests, you will be offered new armor for her as a reward. Some of these suits will be just for appearance changes, though most of them will improve her statistics. The easiest way to tell if it is designed for Mako will be by looking at the piece’s name. It will contain her name in the title if so. If the armor that these quests give is not what you are looking for, you can also try buying some from a Medium Armor vendor which can be found on larger planets.

Mako, whilst being a brilliant healer and a pretty good off-DPS, is not only useful in combat. She is also talented in certain crew skills. If you use her to complete missions in Slicing and Cybertech you will receive a +5 bonus for each. Whilst my SWTOR Mako Companion Guide will tell you which armor, statistics, and weapons best suit Mako, I can also declare to you that she is romance-able if you play as a male character. Even if you play as a female, by gaining affection with her it will unlock more background story about her, and improve your characters Presence.

As I said earlier, Mako has a light personality and may object to most the conversation options you choose if you play typically on the dark side. The best way to gain affection with her to either romance her or just become friendly would be to buy her gifts. Thanks to Bioware, this is possible, and Gift Vendors can be found across the galaxy. There are lots of different types of gift so make sure you find her favorites, which I have listed below for your convenience.

Favorite Gifts: Weapons, technology, luxury, underworld goods, trophy, cultural artifact and courting (from males).

Weapon: like
Military Gear: indifferent
Courting: indifferent, love
Luxury: like
Technology: love
Republic Memorabilia: indifferent
Imperial Memorabilia: indifferent
Cultural Artifact: like
Trophy: like
Underworld Good: favorite

Armor Proficiency: Medium
Primary Stat: Cunning
Secondary Stat: Endurance
Crew Skill Proficiency: +15 Slicing,+5 Cybertech
Romance-able: No

So here is everything you should ever need to know about Mako. The only thing I’ve tried not to say too much of is her story, but if you want to know that, ask her yourself by gaining affection with her. Be sure to read my other SWTOR Bounty Hunter Companion Guides for more information on future companions! For more information on SWTOR Bounty Hunter Companions, view my other guides for extensive information on what they are like, and how to make them like you.

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