SWTOR Leveling Tips

SWTOR promises to have the richest and most expansive leveling experience of any MMORPG ever. If you are looking for some SWTOR leveling tips, then you have come to the right place, as in this article I will be revealing the top tips you can use to level up quickly and efficiently in Star Wars The Old Republic.

SWTOR Leveling Tips – #1. Play a DPS Class

This may seem obvious, but for some reason many players try to level up with the end-game or PvE role instead of as a DPS class. Look, I know you might want to play a tank or a healer in end-game, but you can always respec once you get there.

You can even respec or use your leveling spec in the low-level flashpoints. These are designed to be very easy, and the developers have reported that the entry-level flashpoints are easy enough for 2 players and 2 companions to clear if the players skill level is high.

As a result, if you want to do dungeons as you level up, rely on your companions to heal and help out, and stick to your DPS class while leveling. If you need to tank for a group of friends, just respec before you go into the dungeon. Respeccing is much cheaper and faster than it is to level up as a tanking class.

SWTOR Levelings Tips – #2. Use Your Companion to Heal and Loot

When you get the choice, you want your companion in the field with you to be a healer. This will complement your DPS class much better than any other companion type. The DPS companions do not deal enough damage, but even a little bit of healing goes a long way.

Another thing you can do to save time, especially if you are a ranged class, is to let your companions loot far away bodies. You can send your companions to loot and gather materials from fallen enemies. This way, you can move onto the next target or enemy while your companion does the busy work.

This many only seem like it saves a few seconds here and there, but over the course of the entire game it will add up to hours of time saved.

SWTOR Leveling Tips – #3. Stick to Solo Questing for Most of Your Leveling

If you want to level up quickly, stick to solo questing for most of your game experience. Team up with other players for flashpoints and once you hit the level cap. The game is designed to provide a rich, entertaining solo leveling experience, and you can level up from questing.

Grouping for quests is a real pain because people are always going to get food, taking a smoke break, or dealing with real life. The more players you add to the group, the longer your delays are.

Think of flashpoints and Warzones as a break from questing, but they should not form the bulk of your experience points. Warzones provide much better rewards once you hit the level cap and it is easier to find a group at this level. Save the bulk of your PvP instincts for once you are done leveling.

You can always go back and make a legacy character if you want to spend time in low-level PvP or flashpoints. This way you can play one of the rare races.

Star Wars The Old Republic Leveling Tips Conclusion

By applying these SWTOR leveling tips, you can level up very quickly and have a fun time in doing it. Star Wars The Old Republic was designed for the solo questing leveling experience, so it makes no sense to fight it. There is plenty of group opportunities at end-game for those who prefer larger groups.

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