SWTOR Legacy System – Star Wars The Old Republic Legacy System

In this article, we will be discussing the SWTOR legacy system by going over what it is, how it works, and what the rewards are. Please note that this article is somewhat of a place-holder as all the details have not been released and those that have are subject to modification before the game is released.

SWTOR Legacy System – What is it?

To put it simply, the SWTOR legacy system is a system which encourages players to make new characters. The developers have put the vast majority of their time and money into the leveling experience, and want to encourage players to see all it has to offer.

As a result, they want players to try out different classes and both factions so that they can see all of the quests available in the game.

However, there is a firm divide amongst players: some love to make new characters all the time (alt-o-holics) whereas others only like to play a single character. There appears to be no single factor behind this, as there are both casual and hardcore players on both sides of the camp.

As a result, in order to entice those single-character people to try out more classes, the Star Wars The Old Republic Legacy system was developed.

SWTOR Legacy System – The Rewards

The idea behind the SWTOR legacy system is to encourage players to make new characters. In order to get players to do anything, they need to be given something in-game.

However, what will they be given? Well, we really are not quite yet sure, as the designers seem to be on the fence. One idea that seems to be a very likely reality is that players will unlock new races once they hit the level cap.

There are some rumors that players will get stat bonuses or new abilities on their new character, but that of course is very controversial. The problem with stat bonuses and new abilities is that when you add those into the game, you essential force everyone to make a new character in order to remain competitive.

Despite the best intentions of the developers, not everyone who plays an MMORPG will buy into the legacy system, and those that do not want the permanent stat bonuses and prefer end-game to the leveling game may end up quitting.

This puts the developers of SWTOR in a sticky situation: do they make the Legacy System provide just cosmetic and vanity items and rewards and risk it not being enough to encourage many players to roll a new character? Or do they plan on making it offer real rewards and risk aggravating players who do not want to re-roll?

Star Wars The Old Republic Legacy System – Conclusion

The question posed above is tough and is still one the developers have not committed to either way. We will update this page with more information on the rewards offered by the legacy system once the game comes closer to release and the developers make a firm decision on how they are moving forward with this system.

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