SWTOR Imperial Agent Companion Guide

Here, as promised, is my SWTOR Imperial Agent Companion Guide, which will inform you on everything you need to know about the companion’s you will receive whilst playing as an Imperial Agent.

Regardless of which class you choose to play as, you will always get 5 companions and a ship droid. Imperial Agents are very similar to the Smuggler class in the Republic allegiance. They use the same sorts of moves and both can specialize I either DPS or Healing when choosing your advanced class at level 10.

Kaliyo D’jannis

Kaliyo Djannis prizes her freedom and will lie, murder and blackmail in order to ensure that she is in control of a situation and able to indulge her vices. Known to pursue lengthy vendettas to redress grievances. Possess a track record of expertly manipulating employers, lovers and associates (agents should not be fooled by attempts at seduction).

As with many mercenaries, her loyalty cannot be purchased, but her services can be -if only temporarily. You will find Kaliyo on Hutta, the starter planet for Imperial Agents, at around level 8. She prefers the use of Blaster Pistols or Blaster Rifles, and uses a Shield Generator off-hand. She specializes in being a ranged DPS, therefore her main attributes are Aim and Endurance.


When you receive your ship at the end of Dromund Kaas, you will notice there is a new companion on board called 2V-R8. As you will soon find out, he isn’t much use what so ever, as he isn’t designed for combat. If, for some obscure reason you choose to use him in battle, his stances can be changed to either punch with his fists or heal.

He is not very strong in either stance though, so I would recommend using a different companion. You can also equip him with new parts that may be offered to you upon completing quests. You cannot gain affection with 2V-R8, and although he doesn’t have a specific proficiency in crew skills, this is all I ever use ship droids for, as to not use a companion you will require in combat.

Vector Hyllis

Vector is a male human who specializes in melee DPS. You will be able to recruit him to your crew at around level 27, once you finish your class quests on Alderaan. He prefers use of an Electrostaff and a generator due to being melee in combat. Vector Hyllus has repeatedly expressed admiration for Imperial accomplishments while indicating a desire to spread Imperial influence through diplomatic channels.

Although he is an Imperial character, he has a light personality, meaning if you wish to play as a female character and romance him, or even just gain his affection as a male, he prefers light conversation options.

Doctor Eckard Lokin

Doctor Lokin is the only healing companion you will receive as an Imperial Agent. You can find him on Taris at around level 32. His age and surname suggest Lokin was born on Dromund Kaas during the pre-war years.

Files acquired during Operation: Freefall reference a “Dr. E. Lokin” working as Science and Medical Advisor to Kaas City military police during this period, but no visual is provided. If this is your first ever character to reach this level on SWTOR, you will unlock your legacy title, giving your character a surname, plus lots of other cool things to be announced in March. Doctor Lokin, unfortunately, is not romance-able.

Ensign Raina Temple

Enign Raina Temple is a human female companion who is available to recruit once you’ve completed your class quests on Hoth. This will probably be at around level 41, though this can vary dependent upon how fast or slow you choose to complete them. She is an Imperial agent herself, working on Hoth for the Chiss Ascendancy.

She works with the Chiss and avoids direct contact with the empire as she fears her innate force sensitivity might be discovered. Although she loves the empire and the Sith, she has a light personality, and therefore can be romanced by a male who gains enough affection with her.


Scorpio is different to most SWTOR companions as it doesn’t have a gender, though it identifies as female. She is a droid, who joins your crew after completion of the planet Belsavis. This should be at around level 45 dependent on your progression speed. Scorpio specializes in being a melee Tank, and therefore prefers the use of an Electrostaff and Shield Generator. She is definitely more useful than 2V-R8, the ship droid, though she still isn’t romance-able.

So there we have it, my SWTOR Imperial Agent Companion Guide. I hope it provided you with all the information you needed, though if it didn’t, I have in depth articles on each individual companion available, so feel free to check them out. I have also created the same guides for each class playable in SWTOR, so I hope you find them useful!

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