SWTOR Holocron Locations List – What Are They?

In this article, we will be adding as many SWTOR Holocron locations as we can as well as providing information on what SWTOR Holocrons are and what each specific Star Wars The Old Republic holocron does.

What are SWTOR Holocrons?

If you ever played a Star Wars game before or remember from the movies, holocrons are Jedi Artifacts which are usually a recording which contains some hidden secret or technique. In Star Wars The Old Republic, these holocrons are hidden all over the game world.

These holocrons are typically held in very deep or hard to reach locations, and you may have to travel to very odd or far-away places in order to reach these. However, these holocrons will provide permanent stat bonuses and may even provide new abilities or abilities enhancements – we just do not know yet.

What we do know is that they will provide permanent increases in the strength of your character, so everyone will want to get ahold of these at some point. All players can get the same holocrons, and they will be hidden well enough that it may be some time before all of them are found.

SWTOR Holocron Locations

Since the Star Wars The Old Republic holocrons are so hidden, we have decided to compile a list of all of the SWTOR Holocron locations so that you know exactly where to go to find each holocron.

SWTOR Holocron Locations and Overview Conclusion

When the game is finally released, we will be working on this list and adding to it over time. Right now the game has not yet been released, but when it does come out we will begin compiling holocron locations and adding them to this list.

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