SWTOR Flashpoints Guide – Overview, Tips, Strategy

In this SWTOR Flashpoints guide, we will be revealing what SWTOR Flashpoints are, giving you a list, as well as providing tips and strategy for these flashpoints.

SWTOR Flashpoints List

If you are looking for information on a specific Star Wars The Old Republic flashpoint, once the game comes out we will be adding flashpoints guides specific to each flashpoint with tips on how to beat each boss:

The Esseles – Republic-Only, Level 10-12 Instance

The Esseles is the first instance that Republic players get access to. Upon leaving their respective starting worlds and heading to the capital planet of Coruscant, players are given a quest on the Republic Fleet station to complete this instance. The zoneline is actually a ship in the Coruscant Departures section of the Fleet.

For a full guide for this Flashpoint, check out our SWTOR The Esseles Walkthrough and Guide.

The Black Talon – Empire-Only, Level 10-12 Instance

The Black Talon is the Empire’s version of The Esseles. Both instances are fairly similar in gameplay but have different stories and bosses. After leaving the starting planet and heading towards Dromund Kaas, players can zone into this instance on the Imperial Fleet.

For a full guide for this Flashpoint, check out our SWTOR Black Talon Walkthrough and Guide.

Hammer Station
Both Factions, Level 17

Hammer Station is a short instance which you can access from both the Imperial and Republic fleet as both factions can participate in this instance. It features 3 bosses and is much shorter than the two starting instances – you can run through it in 45 minutes or less without issues.

For a full guide for this Flashpoint, check out our SWTOR Hammer Station Walkthrough and Guide.

Athiss – Both Factions, Level 21

Athiss is the third flashpoint in Star Wars The Old Republic and is available to players of both factions. It can be accessed via the Imperial or Republic Fleet at the same location as Hammer Station. It is very fast, easy, and fun, making it a great instance to perform for your daily quest.

For a full guide for this Flashpoint and its bosses, check out our SWTOR Athiss Strategy Guide.

Mandalorian Raiders – Both Factions, Level 25

Mandalorian Raiders is the fourth Flashpoint in Star Wars The Old Republic and can be accessed by both factions. The zone-in is found on the Imperial or Republic Fleet right next to Athiss and Hammer Station. It is much more difficult than Athiss but fairly fast if you have a good group. A lot more painful to run with a bad pick-up group than previous flashpoints.

For a full guide and for boss strategies, check out our SWTOR Mandalorian Raiders Strategy Guide.

Cademimu – Level 29

Cademimu is a level 29 flashpoint available to both factions. It is a pretty fast instance, but the final boss does have a bit of a learning curve for many players running this instance for the first time. Aside from the final boss, the trash and other bosses in this instance are very easy.

For a full guide to this flashpoint as well as boss strategies, see our SWTOR Cademimu Strategy Guide.

Taral V – Level 33

Taral V is a republic-only mid-level flashpoint and is the Republic’s equivalent of Boarding Party. It is a long instance with 6 total bosses, so be sure you have plenty of time to play when you run this flashpoint.

For more details and strategies on all of the bosses, see our SWTOR Taral V Strategy Guide.

Boarding Party – Level 33

Boarding Party is the second Imperial-only flashpoint in the game and is appropriate for players around level 33. It is a longer instance with 6 possible bosses (though most are very easy). Running this instance is required to unlock The Foundry for Imperial players.

For strategies on all the bosses and more details on this flashpoint, see our SWTOR Boarding Party Strategy Guide.

The Foundry – Level 37

The Foundry can only be entered after completing the Boarding Party and as such it is an Empire only instance.

For strategies on the bosses of The Foundry, check out our SWTOR The Foundry Strategy Guide.

More SWTOR Flashpoints – Full Guides Coming Soon

Directive 7 – Both Factions, at level-cap

SWTOR Flashpoints – Overview

Flashpoints are the “dungeons” of Star Wars The Old Republic. The designers have said that they are working on differentiating these from the dungeons of other games by adding SWTOR’s trademark “choose your own adventure” element, where players are able to interact with NPCs in order to determine the flow of the dungeon.

There are SWTOR flashpoints for both players leveling up as well as players at the level cap. There will also be a hard mode for Flashpoints which players can use in order to repeat dungeons at the level cap at a higher difficulty level for better rewards.

Additionally, the options you choose for each flashpoint will result in different objectives for that flashpoint. Choosing certain options or completing objectives will give you bonus rewards and access to different bosses, so the choices you make will be important.

While we have not been able to play through all the flashpoints just yet, we will be providing that information and adding it to this SWTOR Flashpoints guide as soon as we get it.

SWTOR Flashpoints Tips and Strategy

Over time, we plan to add guides for each flashpoint and boss to this guide, but at the time of this writing the game has not yet been released. When the game finally does come out and everyone is scrambling for information on flashpoints, there is one suggestion I do have:

Low level flash points will be very simple and are designed to be easy. You should be able to do these with 1 or 2 companions instead of getting 4 real players. Do not waste too much time finding the perfect group and specs for these entry-level flashpoints. The harder flashpoints that need 4 real players are reserved for the end of the game when you are doing things in hard mode at the level cap.

SWTOR Flashpoints – Overview, Tips, and Strategy Conclusion

When the game comes out, we will be putting up strategies for each boss on this SWTOR Flashpoints strategies page, so check back often.

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