SWTOR Corso Riggs Guide

Welcome to my SWTOR Corso Riggs guide. Here I will tell you everything you need to know about Mr Riggs in detail. Smugglers have a reputation for relying more on skill than sheer strength. They use their wits and clever tactics to get the upper hand and usually try to avoid getting close to their enemies. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, Smugglers have the luxury of letting a companion character fill the role of attracting attention and absorbing damage.

This makes Riggs one of my favorite companion choices. He is a loyal soldier who meets all challenges head on. He is also as ideal for either a DPS or Healing Smuggler. Corso Riggs will be your first companion as a Smuggler class and can be found on the starter planet of Ord Mantell, where he was raised as a rancher’s son. Depending upon how fast or slow you choose to complete your class quests here will determine what level he joins your crew.

Sex: Male
Race: Human
Recruited: Ord Mantell
Level of recruitment: Approximately level 8

Corso Riggs is a Republic respecting soldier, and is also a true gentleman. He prefers conversation options that will: Protect the weak, punishes bad guys, and he particularly likes it when you are nice to the ladies. On the flip side, he will object to any conversation options that involve the following: Hurting for profit, working with Sith or Imperials, and hurting women, regardless of what they have done.

Corso has some basic abilities that allow him to fill his main role as a ranged tank. His Guard Stance increases the threat he generates, helping to keep enemies attacking him (ideal for scoundrels focussing on healing). “Charged Shot” and “Frag Grenade” are among his damage dealing abilities. EMP Blast is an area of effect attack that will generate threat to all targets it hits.

Personality: Light
Role: Ranged Tank
Likes: Protecting the weak, punishing bad guys, being nice to ladies
Dislikes: Hurting for profit, working with sith or imperials, hurting women, regardless of what they’ve done.
Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol/Blaster Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator

While progressing through the story and completing missions, several items specifically intended for Corso will be given as reward. Some of these will provide the same stats but give different appearances; others are progression items, giving obvious upgrades along the way as the player levels up. Gear specifically intended for a companion is easily recognizable, as the items’ names will contain the companion’s name. You can also purchase new gear for him from heavy armour vendors found across the galaxy.
This SWTOR Corso Riggs Guide is not just for giving you information on his abilities as a fighter however, he also specialises in certain skills. By using Corso as your go-to for levelling your crew skills up, you will receive a bonus of +5 Underworld Trading Efficiency, and +5 Armstech Critical when used accordingly.

As I stated earlier, Corso is a hit with the ladies, and likes to help in any way he can. This also involves romantically. That’s right, if you are playing SWTOR as a female character, you have the opportunity to pursue his romance story quests, and upon gaining affection (even if you’ want to stay just friends!) he will start to open up to you, and trust you with personal errands.

If you don’t have the time to play with each individual companion but you still want to gain their affection, or if you just want to boost it up a little, Bioware makes it possible to buy your way to love! Scattered across the galaxy you will find “Companion gift vendors”. There are many different types of gift, and giving the wrong types can resort in wasted money, and no affection gained.

Corso’s favorite kinds of gifts are: Courting gifts (from females), military gear, weapons, cultural artifacts, luxury, Republic Memorabilia and Trophies.

Armor Proficiency: Heavy
Primary Stat: Aim
Secondary Stat: Endurance
Crew Skill Proficiency: +5 Underworld Trading, +5 Armstech Critical
Romance-able: Yes, if female.
Favorite Gifts: Courting gifts (from females), military gear, weapons, cultural artifacts, luxury, Republic Memorabilia and Trophies

Weapon: love
Military Gear: favorite
Courting: like favorite
Luxury: like
Technology: like
Republic Memorabilia: like favorite
Imperial Memorabilia: indifferent
Cultural Artifact: like
Trophy: like favorite
Underworld Good: indifferent

Note when there is two options, this means the left option is for non-courted Corsos and the right version is the response after courting to gifts.

I hope you enjoyed reading my SWTOR Corso Riggs Guide, and I really hope it was of some use for you. For more information on SWTOR Smuggler Companions, view my other guides for extensive information on what they are like, and how to make them like you.

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