SWTOR Cademimu Strategy Guide

In this SWTOR Cademimu strategy guide, you will find the best strategies for each of the bosses in the Cademimu flashpoint as well as tips and tricks for maximizing your rewards from this instance.

We will start with an overview of this Star Wars The Old Republic flashpoint and then go over strategies for each of the bosses in this instance.

SWTOR Cademimu Guide – Flashpoint Overview

Cademimu is the fifth instance available to players in Star Wars The Old Republic. It is available to both factions. The goal of the instance is to disarm the rocket armaments and take out the leader so that either the Republic regain control of the planet or so that the Empire can prepare to invade the planet.

Overall, Cademimu is not too tough until the final boss. While the final boss is simple if everyone knows what they are doing, when you are doing a pick-up group in a mid-level instance, there are inevitably a lot of people who have no idea what they are doing, which can be frustrating. Fortunately this SWTOR Cademimu guide has some tips and tricks for beating the final boss.

Here is a brief overview of the instance:

  • Recommended Level Range: Level 27-32 (Flashpoint is level 29).
  • Experience Points Offered: Low – 15-20% of a level (if you have the daily quest).
  • Zone-In: Imperial or Republic Fleet
  • Time: 45 minutes without wipes, could be shorter if the group is experienced or longer if the group wipes to the final boss.
  • Bosses: 3 bosses can be found in Cademimu.

Below, we will discuss strategies for these three bosses.

SWTOR Cademimu Boss Strategies

There are three total bosses in Cademimu. All three of them have simple mechanics, and as along as you know what they are and how they work, the boss fights are very straight-forward.

Officer Xander & EN-4C – Officer Xander is the first boss in Cademimu. He himself does not do much except for a powerful AoE attack, so make sure your team spreads out so you all do not get hit directly with the attacks. The primary gimmick for this fight comes in the form of EN-4C. He locks onto a person on your team and if he gets close to them he will kill them. EN-4C moves very slowly, so you just have to keep moving and run him in a big circle for the duration of the fight. If EN-4C locks onto your primary healer, if you are a DPS class with some healing abilities, help heal the group while the healer main healer is kiting. Officer Xander has very little HP, so the fight does not last long. The fight ends when Officer Xander goes down, so do not worry about EN-4C.

Captain Grimyk – The only notable thing about this boss is that he is a Wookie. He uses a flamethrower consistently throughout the fight which deals cone damage, so be sure your tank faces the boss away from the DPS and healers. His main ability is to summon 4 adds. This is the first instance where the boss summons “strong” type adds, so all DPS players in the party should help focus these down, as they have a good bit of HP. Other than that, this fight is a simple tank and spank battle.

General Ortol – Despite the first two bosses being very easy, General Ortol is much harder. The fight itself is simple, but finding competent groupmates (or getting first-timers to do the fight correctly) can take a few tries. The boss only has two effects – the ability to make the rockets in the room fire and a knockback effect.

The room itself is split directly into quarters. When a rocket above that particular quarter fires, anyone standing underneath it will take fire damage. The trick here is to move to the square of the room where there are no rockets being fired. The center beams in the room are not safe, so do not think you can stand there and be safe. You need to be on the actual grates of a non-firing rocket’s quarter of the room to not take fire damage.

As the fight starts, only one rocket will fire. Shortly afterwards though, two will start firing, and during the bulk of the fight, three rockets will fire, making only one quarter of the room safe to stand in.

Before a rocket fires, there is a fairly lengthy charge-up time, giving you plenty of time to move. The first is a bit of steam firing from the rockets, but this is not always visible depending on lag and graphics settings. The safest way to see what rocket is about to fire is actually turning your camera and looking above you. The rockets that are going to fire glow red for awhile before firing and the glow at the same rate – whichever one is still not red yet is the safe area to go to.

While you are running, you obviously cannot channel heals. As a result, any class with healing abilities should throw whatever instant abilities they have on the tank, and if you move faster to the safe spot than the main healer, help out with some back up healing. The same thing should happen if any of your teammates is slow and gets caught in the fire.

You want to be really careful like this with this boss since he has much more HP than your typical boss at this level (82k health). You can’t burn through the boss, so you want to be careful to keep everyone alive for awhile so you can see the fight through to the end.

Once everyone is moving together, the boss fight runs pretty smoothly.

SWTOR Cademimu – Alignment Points

While there are a few shortcuts for those with certain crafting skills and a chest or two hidden around the zone, the only real bonus you get from this instance is Dark Side and Light Side points. You can earn 100 of either points, either by redirecting the planets missiles to a nearby fleet or by shooting them at a nearby empty moon.

SWTOR Cademimu Guide – Conclusion

By following the boss strategies outlined for you in this Star Wars The Old Republic Cademimu guide, you will find that this SWTOR flashpoint becomes much easier!

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