SWTOR Black Talon Flashpoint Walkthrough and Guide

This SWTOR Black Talon Walkthrough and Guide will give you a complete overview of the Black Talon Star Wars The Old Republic Flashpoint. After that, we will then go into each boss in the instance, the alignment points you can earn, and the bonus objectives available.

SWTOR Black Talon Guide – Overview

The Black Talon is the first flashpoint that the Empire gets access to. Here are the basics:

  • Recommended Level: 10-12
  • Experience Points Offered: About 1.25 levels at level 10; about 1 level at 12.
  • Zone In: Imperial Fleet on the flight deck to Coruscant.
  • Recommended Players: 4 Players. Can be done with less, as long as one player is a healer.
  • Time: Around 60 minutes with a 4 player group; could take longer with less players.

Next, we will go over the 4 Boss Fights you have access to in the Black Talon in Star Wars The Old Republic.

SWTOR Black Talon Boss Walkthrough

There are four boss fights in the Black Talon flashpoint:

GXR-5 Sabotage Droid: This is actually the hardest boss fight by far in my opinion in the Black Talon. The boss itself does a moderate amount of damage and is easily tanked. The droid’s abilities itself in the beginning of the game are not important. During the first part of the fight, adds spawn at both sides of the room and you need to take them out as soon as they pop.

After awhile, the side-waves stop and instead the boss summons little droids. These are actually the most difficult part of the fight. These droids explode and deal a lot of damage from a short range away. For this reason, all of your melee players should stay away from these things and let a ranged player take them out.

If you only have melee players, just make sure only 1 player gets close. Do not let all your melee plus the tank get caught in the explosion or your healer will run out of Focus (or whatever their resource is) and you may not be able to last the entire fight.

If you decide not to kill the Captain of the ship (i.e. pick the Light Side option), you fight some very weak boss and instead of having a boss fight you get to open a chest.

Commander Ghulil – Commander Ghulil is pretty easy, if your group members are paying attention. Ghulil’s damage is actually very low on the tank. Instead, his primary offensive abilities are these floating machines which spew flames and deal area of effect damage if you stand in them.

Additionally, sometimes the boss will summon colored rings under your feet – you also want to move out of these unless you want to take a lot of damage.

Since the boss does not actually deal much damage and has no threat-switching abilities, you just slowly kite him around the room and everyone keeps moving. Be sure to clear all of the adds before you start the fight (and kill all adds as soon as the boss fight starts) so you have room to kite him around.

Even if your group is terrible, Commander Ghulil’s damage is so low you can take him out with just two players and no companions as long as one heals. The tank just simply backs up slowly throughout the room each time a new orb spawns, and the healer stays out of the orb, and the rest is no problem.

GXR-7 Command Droid – This boss is a bonus boss (see below for summoning information). He has very simple abilities and has 12k HP. The only thing is he deals a lot of damage so it is more of just a DPS race since healers do not have very much output at this level (especially the Sith Sorcerer).

The bosses occasionally knocks his target back, but he does not change targets when this happens. Instead, he blasts him with a high-powered blaster. Just DPS him fast and the fight is simple.

Yadira Ban – Yadira Ban is the final boss of the Black Talon. She is very simple if you understand her single gimmick.

Her gimmick is drawing in all players every 20 seconds or so and snaring them. Then, she charges up (blue energy swirls around her body) and after about 5 seconds, she uses an AoE ability which knocks all players back and deals a lot of damage.

While she is charging up her ability, she does not attack and stands completely still. As a result, as soon as your group gets pulled in, everyone needs to run away (including the tank). As soon as she uses her ability, move back in and continue the fight.

Her only other ability is randomly leaping to an enemy target and dealing a small amount of damage than leaping back to the main tank. This does so little damage it is nothing more than a minor annoyance.

As long as everyone avoids the AoE effect by running out of range before she uses it, the fight is very easy.

SWTOR Black Talon Guide – Bonuses & Extras

In the Black Talon, you have option to earn 200 light side or dark side points as well as get access to a bonus boss and a few lore objects. Here is the run-down:

Dark Side / Light Side Options

Shortly after the instance starts, if you kill the insubordinate Imperial Fleet captain, you will get 100 dark side points. If you allow him to live, you will get 100 light side points.

At the end of the instance, you have the option of killing off or capturing the defecting general. If you kill him, you will earn 100 dark side points, if you allow him to live, you will earn 100 light side points.

Bonus Boss

The bonus boss is spawned by completing the chain of bonus objectives. Shortly after fighting the first boss, you will notice you have the bonus objective of killing 25 Republic Forces. After completing that objective, you get some experience points and it updates to stage 2, which is also defeating 25 Republic Forces.

After doing the first two stages, your task is to disable 4 munitions power consoles. These are found in the rooms right after the second boss.

You should know that as soon as you destroy the 4th console, the bonus boss bursts forth and attacks. As a result, be sure to clear out the room of any weak NPCs and rest up to full before destroying the 4th console. The boss is easy, but if you start the fight with every player at half HP and no healing powers, you could be in trouble.

Lore Objects

You can collect a lore object for each of the two ships. The first is one of the Black Talon computers as you work through the instance. This is pretty hard to miss – just mouse over any of the light-blue colored computers as you work through the Black Talon portion of the instance – it is not really out of the way.

The second lore object is near the shuttle area of the Brentaal Star and is very easy to miss. Be sure to look around before hopping on the shuttle back to the Black Talon if unlocking all of the Codex entries is important to you.

SWTOR Black Talon Walkthrough Conclusion

The Black Talon is a fun flashpoint and pretty easy to get a group for – just ask in chat when you first board the Imperial Fleet and there is usually a group running every 10-15 minutes. The instance will definitely be tough with 2 players, but is doable with three, especially if one is a healer. It will be tough to do without a healer if everyone is still only level 10.

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