SWTOR Alignment: Light and Dark Sides

In this article, you will discover what SWTOR alignment is as well as how the light and dark sides of the game work. If you have played any of the Knights of the Old Republic games, you are familiar with the Light and Dark side of the Force.

Below, we will start with what SWTOR alignment is, discuss what it does, and finally how to change it.

SWTOR Alignment: What are the Light and Dark Sides?

The primary thing that separates Star Wars The Old Republic from other MMORPGs on the market is that it has the “choose your own adventure” element. When you participate in quests or run flashpoints, you will interact with NPCs and make choices which can help you complete your objectives. Each objective often results in different aspects of gameplay.

As you gain more Dark Side or Light Side points, your character will become aligned with one of those aspects.

Dark and Light Sides – What Does it Mean?

We do not know exactly yet how aligning your character will work. It is possible that you will have a different ability based on whether you are light side or dark side.

One thing we know for sure is that the NPCs and quest givers in the game will interact with you differently based on what your alignment is. If you are a dark side character, NPCs will remark about how evil or vile you are, whereas light side characters will be noted as righteous.

It is likely as well that there will be some visual differences based on your characters’ alignment (dark or bright lighting effects for example).

SWTOR Alightment – How to Get Light Side and Dark Side Points

You will gain or lose most of your points based on the actions you take in quests and flashpoints. For example, in one of the gameplay videos the developers demonstrated that in one of the flashpoints you had the option of sacrificing the crew in order to get to the boss or by running around the ship and turning off generates.

If you select to sacrifice the crew, you will get dark side points, and if you select to run around the ship and turn off all the generators, you will get light side points. Note that this was a Republic flashpoint: you can be a dark side member of the Republic or a light side member of the Empire.

One thing of note is that when you are in these conversations, some players in your group may select the light side option whereas others select the dark side. There is a “winner” of the conversation (based on the options you select), and whichever side the winner opts for effects the whole group. If the winner selects dark side for example, everyone gets dark side points.

Many quests will give you the opportunity to earn either types of points based on the options you select. Generally, light side things will be noble, non-violence, straight-forward options, whereas dark side options will involve fighting and killing.

SWTOR Alignment: Dark Side and Light Side Conclusion

Once the game finally does come out, we will have more information about how these light and dark side points will actually effect your character. For now, it is a bit of a mystery aside from the ideas mention in this article on SWTOR alignment.

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